General Business Terms FCT 2020

§1 Requirements

  1. Everyone properly registered and accredit and having an official race number of the  Frankfurt City Triathlon 2021 can take part in the race.
  2. For the sprint distance only athletes born in 2004 and for the Olympic distance athletes born in 2007 or earlier will be admitted. Participants under the age of 18 will need a declaration of consent signed by a parent. No club or federations’ membership will be required.
  3. Each participant shall take part in one of the race briefings. Please observe the information on special hazardous points.

§2 Obligations

  1. Every participant shall make sure that his/her health is in a condition that allows him/her to take part in the event, and consult a doctor if necessary. He/she shall have proper equipment and wear a helmet during the entire competition. This helmet must be in compliance with the DTU regulations.
  2. The guidelines and recommendations by the organizer and instructions by the organizer, the officials and race marshals shall be strictly followed. If a participant fails to do so thus disturbing the race or the safety of other participants, the organizer shall be entitled to expel or disqualify such participant from the event.
  3. After the race all timing transponders have to be returned to one of the collection points. If participants fail to do so, a fee amounting to € 35.00 will be charged by the organizer.

§3 Contract

  1. The application that constitutes a binding offer of a contract vis-à-vis the organizer, can be filed only by ONLINE-registration under
  2. Each participant may only enter himself. Double entries will not be accepted i.e. if the same person is entered twice, there is no right of a second starting position, or of return of entry fee.
  3. The contract shall be considered concluded when the registration form bears the signature of the participant or he/she accepted the conditions of participation and the regulations by clicking the relevant field in the ONLINE registration form.

§4 Payment

  1. Participants having a German bank account may pay by way of debiting (collection order).
  2. If the money cannot be collected due to insufficient cover of account or revocation by participant (also at a later date) the organizer shall be entitled to withdraw from contract after having set a time limit and charge the participant with the costs of withdrawal. Costs that arise from a return debit note will be assumed by the participant in every case.
  3. Who tranfered his/hers entry from the year 2020 to 2021, because of Corona Pandemie, is disclaiming the option of the refund his /hers entry fees.

§5 Accreditation

  1. Upon accreditation each participant will receive his/her starting papers only against presentation of the registration confirmation and identity card/passport. If a participant cannot appear personally, he/she has to make sure that the starting papers are picked by a person being in the possession of a written authorization.
  2. Participants with an own DTU-license and number – provided by the online registration, are asked to show this license when getting his/her starting documents. If the license is missing, the participant is bound to purchase a DTU-day license of € 20.00 (Middle Distanz 22€).
  3. You can’t get your starting documents on race day
  4. Every participant is obliged to check his/her starting documents, received at accreditation, directly after receiving them, to ensure that they are complete. Later claims cannot be considered.
  5. Using the Shower in the Fitness First is on your own risk.

§6 Withdrawal by the Participant

  1. A free-of-charge withdrawal will be possible up to two weeks after registration.
  2. The deregistration fees you can find in the entry info.

§7 Cancellation of Event / No-Show

If the event is cancelled because of circumstances of force majeure, the participant will not be entitled to any refunding of the entry fee and compensation of other losses, such as travelling or accommodation expenses. All claims will be forfeited for no-shows.

§8 Liability

  1. Participation will be at the participant’s own risk.
  2. The organizer’s liability – also towards third parties – will be limited to wilful and negligent acts only. This shall also apply to firms and helpers commissioned by the organizer. Any liability of organizer with respect to other damage than those from injuries to life and body or health of participant shall be excluded unless such injuries can be attributed to wilful or coarsely negligent acts by the organizer or his legal representatives or agents.
  3. No liability will be accepted by organizer for  loss of equipment in transition zone, or other lost items of participant unless this can be attributed to wilful or coarsely negligent acts by the organizer or his legal representatives or agents.  A relevant insurance should be taken out for such cases.
  4. By receiving the race number every participant will state in a binding manner that there are no health concerns as regards his/her participation in this race.

§9 Collection and use of data

  1. The personal data indicated upon registration will be stored and used for the event only.
  2. Participant agrees that the data indicated in the registration form can be collected and passed on for time keeping, placing and results, and any photos, films and interviews in connection with the event may be published with no claim for compensation.
  3. Participant also agrees his personal data to be disclosed for the purpose of sending him/her the participant’s photos taken on the race course and at the finish by the firm commissioned by organizer. There shall be no obligation for the participant to buy such photos.

§10 Competition Rules

The sports rules, Federal League rules, anti-doping rules and referee rules competition of Deutsche Triathlon Union shall be applicable and the legal regulations and procedures as well as disciplinary  codes. By his/her registration the participant accepts these rules as binding.

§11 Subject to change

If the organizer has to make changes in the timing division, the starting group division or the route, this is not a reason to withdraw from the contract.


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